Las Vegas Bank Fraud Attorney

Bank fraud, similar to wire fraud, is categorized as fraudulent activity in relation to any bank. In fraud cases, the defendant is usually accused of obtaining or attempting to obtain money, property or goods through the act of deception. He or she will pose as another individual in hopes of gaining money or property from a bank. It can occur in many different ways, including through radio or mail, such as in wire fraud and mail fraud. To find out more about the bank fraud charges you are facing, contact a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from the firm today!

Criminal Lawyer Defending Bank Fraud Charges

At Brown Law Offices, we work with clients who are facing serious criminal charges, including federal fraud charges, throughout Las Vegas. If you or someone you love is in trouble with the law, do not hesitate in calling our firm. We offer a free case evaluation, so take advantage of this today to speak to an attorney about your case in confidence.

As a former chief prosecutor, our lead attorney advises clients not to speak with any law enforcement officials before hiring a lawyer. Should you provide information to an investigator or officer, you risk losing your Fifth Amendment rights (right to remain silent) and having this information used against you in court. At our firm, we work relentlessly with clients who are facing serious criminal charges, including money laundering, fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud.

When working with us, you can have a seasoned Las Vegas criminal defense attorney on your side. Our legal team can thoroughly investigate your charges or the investigation surrounding your potential bank fraud charges to determine the best defense strategy to use in court.

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