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Mail Fraud Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you have been accused of mail fraud, you understand that this is a very serious charge that holds harsh ramifications on any individual found guilty. Any type of fraudulent activity that uses the mail system to execute its purposes is known as mail fraud. At first, mail fraud only included fraudulent activity within the United States mail services. As technology has advanced, the case must change to fit all types of mail services, including couriers and electronic mail services (email). Any person thought to be guilty of violating this type of criminal law can be penalized as a federal crime.

Being charged with a federal crime is no laughing matter. Federal crimes are punished under federal law, despite where the incident occurred. They often have harsher consequences and more serious ramifications. If you are currently facing federal mail fraud charges or you believe that you are under investigation for fraud, do not hesitate to call a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from Brown Law Offices today.

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When working with our office, you will have a former chief prosecutor on your side. By using his extensive legal experience as a chief prosecutor, lead attorney Phil Brown can defend your rights and take a proactive stand against your charges. It is important for you to immediately protect your Fifth Amendment rights and not speak with any law enforcement officers or investigators before speaking with your lawyer first. Your legal representation will be able to inform you as to your rights and options during the current time. To get more information on mail fraud charges and investigations, do not wait to call our office to schedule your initial consultation to talk with us about your case in confidence.

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