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If your son or daughter is a minor who is facing charges for a juvenile crime in the Las Vegas area, it is highly recommended that you consult with the Las Vegas juvenile crimes lawyer at the Brown Law Offices as soon as possible. Attorney Phil Brown has extensive experience in handling all types of juvenile delinquency cases throughout Clark County. He has been involved as lead counsel on thousands of juvenile delinquency cases during his career. He is extremely familiar with the Juvenile Justice System and has also handled hundreds of Juvenile Certification hearings, from charging decisions through to final disposition in juvenile or adult courts. As in all criminal defense matters, experience counts when it comes to obtaining competent legal representation; Phil Brown has that experience and the skills and commitment to work vigorously to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for your child's future.

Defending Juvenile Crime Cases

If your child has been accused of criminal behavior, he or she may be facing some serious penalties, including detention in the Clark County Juvenile Hall or even commitment to a juvenile correctional facility such as Elko or Caliente. In addition to confinement in juvenile hall or a juvenile correctional facility, some juvenile offenses may stay on your child's permanent record until they reach thirty years of age. In very serious cases, where a minor has committed a violent crime or has engaged in repeated delinquent conduct, he or she may be certified as an adult, which results in being tried in an adult court as opposed to Juvenile Court. In these cases, if the juvenile is convicted, he or she will wind up with a criminal record which can negatively impact future employment, career, or educational opportunities.

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As a Las Vegas juvenile crimes attorney, Phil Brown is very aware of the negative effects that a criminal conviction that can have on a minor and his or her family. A juvenile crime charge can cause enormous stress on the family due to the confusion and anxiety about the consequences. At this difficult time, you need competent legal guidance and assistance, which you will find at our firm.

Contact the Las Vegas juvenile crimes lawyer at our offices today if your child has been accused of criminal behavior in the greater Las Vegas area.