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If a juvenile is involved in a serious offense, such as a violent crime, in the Las Vegas area, he or she may be tried as an adult in an adult criminal proceeding after being "certified" as an adult by the State. This certification process is initiated by a motion made to the court by the prosecutor requesting that the juvenile be transferred to adult court. If your son or daughter is in this situation, you will need a capable defense attorney overseeing your child's case. We strongly advise you to contact the Brown Law Offices to set up a consultation with our Las Vegas juvenile certifications attorney as soon as you can. Attorney Phil Brown has extensive experience with the Juvenile Justice System and with juvenile certifications. He can present an effective argument on your child's behalf against certification as an adult.

The Juvenile Certification Process

After the prosecutor files a motion with Juvenile Court to have a juvenile certified as an adult, a full investigation into the matter is conducted by the court. After this investigation, a Certification hearing is held by the court to determine whether the child should be held to answer the charges as an adult or as a juvenile. At this hearing, the Las Vegas juvenile certifications lawyer can represent your child's interests, presenting a defense for your child's case to be handled in Juvenile Court. After hearing both sides, the Judge will make a decision. Only juveniles over the age of 13 may be certified. Mandatory certification must be determined by a judge in cases where the juvenile was 16 or older and is charged with sexual assault or a crime involving a firearm. Judges have discretionary power over certifying minors who are 14 or older and charged with a crime that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

Why hire a Las Vegas juvenile crime attorney?

The law regarding certification is very complex and is constantly changing. If your child is faced with certification to adult status, you need an attorney who is experienced in this rapidly evolving area of the law. As a former prosecutor, Phil Brown has handled hundreds of juvenile certifications.

Contact a Las Vegas juvenile crime attorney at our offices today if your child is facing a juvenile certification hearing.