Las Vegas Juvenile Sex Crime Attorney

Defending Juvenile Sex Crimes

Juveniles can be charged with many of the same sex crimes that adults are charged with. Most juvenile sex crime cases are heard within the juvenile system, which has its own policies and procedures. Juveniles can also be tried as adults depending on the circumstances of the case. The penalties for a minor found guilty of a crime in juvenile court include:

  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Confinement in a juvenile detention center
  • Work program
  • Community service

When it is adjudicated that the minor has committed a sex crime, they are labeled a delinquent and sentenced. After completing their sentence, they may also be required to register as a sex offender when they reach the age of 21. Sex offender registration can have a devastating effect on a young person's life. It is a permanent stigma that will limit their employment and house options. Sex offender information can also be easily accessed by the public via the Internet. If your child has been charged with a sex crime, contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at once for capable representation. A skilled lawyer will be a tough advocate in juvenile court and help protect your child's future.

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Juvenile sex crimes can include sexual assault (rape) and molestation. Brown Law Offices can provide knowledgeable representation in juvenile sex crime cases. Our legal office will work to mitigate the charges against your child, and will take whatever legal steps are necessary to help achieve a favorable outcome to their case.

Contact a Las Vegas juvenile sex crime lawyer at Brown Law Offices if you child has been charged with a sex crime for proven legal representation.