Las Vegas Pool Party Arrest Attorney

Have you been arrested at a Las Vegas pool party?

Many of the major hotel-casinos in Las Vegas sponsor "pool parties" during the summer months. With free-flowing alcohol and scantily clad clientele, hotel pool parties are the essence of Las Vegas. However, hotel pool parties are also a place where numerous arrests for drug possession, drug trafficking, and other drug and alcohol related offenses occur. While hotel promoters are touting the "anything goes" atmosphere of hotel pool parties, hotel security officers are searching visitors entering the pool party to see if they have drugs or weapons. Hotel security and law enforcement also patrol bathrooms at pool parties to find and arrest people using drugs on the premises. The most common drugs found at pool parties include ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, GHB and heroin.

Many of the people arrested at hotel pool parties are successful people with jobs, families and reputations to protect. A Las Vegas drug attorney at Brown Law Offices is experienced in handling pool party cases and can help by providing you with the most aggressive defense strategy possible to protect your legal rights. The attorneys at Brown Law Offices are also discreet and will handle your case with complete confidentiality.

In some pool party drug possession and drug trafficking cases, a motion to suppress evidence can be brought. The United States and Nevada Constitutions protect people against unreasonable searches and seizures of their person and property by government agents. They also protect people from unreasonable intrusions into their privacy. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Brown Law Offices can analyze the facts of your case and determine whether a motion to suppress is appropriate in your case. In the event that a motion to suppress is granted in a drug possession or drug trafficking case, the case is most often dismissed.

Why hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer?

In a large number of cases, people arrested in pool party cases live outside the State of Nevada and it would be unduly burdensome and disruptive to be forced to return to Las Vegas to appear in court. In those cases, many times the case can be resolved without the client having to travel back to Las Vegas. The criminal defense attorneys at the Brown Law Offices can represent your interests in most, if not all, court hearings to resolve your legal matter.

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