Las Vegas Pandering Defense Attorney

What is pandering?

Pandering, also more commonly referred to as pimping, is a serious charge in the state of Nevada. Penalized by imprisonment and fines, a pandering conviction can drastically alter your life. Pimping and pandering are known as the act of encouraging, forcing or arranging for someone else to engage in the act of prostitution. Even so much as providing transportation to a prostitute could wind up in an arrest.

In other cases, pandering can be detaining an individual at a brothel or halfway house because of their debts or even forcing someone to get married. If you or someone you know is up against pandering charges, get the help you need today! Call a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from the Brown Law Offices today to learn more about pandering and pimping charges and how you can defend yourself.

Criminal Lawyer in Las Vegas Defending Pimping Charges

In Las Vegas, law enforcement often has sting operations in which an officer will pose as a customer, also referred to as a "John." He or she will trick the panderer into asking him if he wishes to exchange money for sexual favors from a prostitute. In cases such as these, the officers will have evidence from witnesses, by viewing the exchange of money or finding books or large amounts of money on the panderer.

When you need serious legal representation, turn to the team at our firm. We can thoroughly investigate your case to create an innovative and aggressive defense on your behalf. If your case comes down to a "he said, she said" case, the prosecution may have little hard evidence against you, leaving it up to your attorney to defend your rights and freedom. However, it is vitally important to ensure that you always have a Las Vegas pandering lawyer at your side because pandering can be tried as a felony offense.

To find out more about pandering and pimping laws and defenses in Las Vegas, contact a Las Vegas sex crime lawyer from our office today.