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Loitering refers to hanging around a public place or a business where one lacks a specific or legal purpose to be at that location. In Nevada, where law enforcement seeks to "crack down" on illegal prostitution, a person can be slapped with a loitering charge when the police are unable to prove that you were soliciting prostitution. Although loitering is a misdemeanor offense, an ultimate conviction would still mean paying fines, potential jail time, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. If you have been arrested for loitering, we urge you to contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from the Brown Law Offices as soon as possible. Even if you were doing nothing wrong and it was a simple misunderstanding, you could still be convicted if you fail to retain a skilled attorney. A criminal conviction will have lasting negative consequences, especially when it comes to securing future employment. Many employers will not hire someone if they have a criminal record, regardless of what the offense was for.

Loitering & Prostitution in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip is filled with rambunctious nightlife, scantily clad women and copious amounts of alcohol. Just because a man or women is lingering outside of a casino, does not mean they are guilty of soliciting prostitution. Clark County police invest a great deal of resources to arrest pimps, prostitutes and "Johns" through various sting operations. However, even suggestive gestures submitted into evidence can be insufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For this reason, many individuals are commonly accused of loitering, which is a common prostitution-related misdemeanor.

In a case like this, it's not unusual for a prosecutor to spin innocent facts to make you look guilty. Just because you were arrested for loitering, or prostitution, does not mean you have to be convicted. Our office has extensive experience defending loitering cases all throughout Clark County. Your potential defenses may include: entrapment, lack of evidence, and mistake. On the other hand, if you are being charged with prostitution, there may be ways to plead your case down to lesser charges of trespass or disorderly conduct.

Former Prosecutor on Your Side

Unlike other law firms, attorney Phil Brown has more than 14 years' experience as a former Chief Deputy District Attorney for Clark County who worked as a prosecuting attorney. His years prosecuting criminal cases in the Clark County courts has afforded him the special advantage in all of his criminal cases. In the past, he has handled numerous prostitution cases, numerous high-profile cases, and he has presented innumerable cases to grand juries all throughout Clark County, Nevada. Furthermore, he has taught criminal law and procedure classes to law enforcement officers and has advised on investigations, search warrant preparations and charging decisions. Today, his entire practice is focused on defending those who are facing criminal charges in the state and federal courts. If you are facing loitering charges, he will search for any holes in the prosecution's case that may get your charges reduced or completely dismissed!

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