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When one thinks of trespassing, they usually get the image trespassing on private or government property where there is a prominent "no trespassing" sign displayed; however, the crime of trespassing in Nevada can extend towards those individuals who are accused of or suspected of prostitution, and especially on a casino's premises. For suspected prostitutes, trespassing is one of the most frequently cited crimes in Las Vegas casinos where law enforcement can't prove that you have committed any other crime.

It is not uncommon for a Nevada casino to recognize and select suspected prostitutes to be removed from the premises. How long one is banished from the casino depends upon the casino's policy. At some casinos, you may be allowed to return the following day, whereas at others you may be banished permanently. If a casino bans a suspected prostitute and he or she returns at a later date, the individual may be arrested for trespassing for returning back to a property that banned them.

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Trespassing Penalties in Nevada

Under Nevada law, trespassing is a misdemeanor offense. Because trespassing is a minor crime and non-violent, it rarely involves jail time; however, if you have a criminal record and are a repeat offender, a Nevada judge may impose a jail sentence upon you.

The crime of trespassing carries the following:

  • Up to a $1,000 fine
  • Maximum of six months in jail

Fortunately, there is room to maneuver with a trespassing charge. If the prosecution's case is particularly weak, you may be able to get the charges dismissed altogether and avoid a criminal conviction. Whereas, if you are being charged with prostitution, an attorney may be able to get your prostitution charges plead down to trespassing instead. If you were originally charged with prostitution, it may be in your favor to get your charges reduced to trespassing.

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