Felony DUI Attorney in Las Vegas

Fighting DUI Charges for Drivers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Were you arrested for driving while intoxicated in Las Vegas? The police force in Las Vegas is particularly tough on drivers because of the large number of alcohol-related accidents that occur throughout the city. In the state of Nevada there are several circumstances that can result in your DUI case being treated as a felony. First, if you have been convicted of 3 DUI's within 7 years, your offense will be treated as a felony crime. Secondly, you will receive a felony DUI if your DUI results in substantial bodily harm or death to your passenger, a pedestrian or the occupants of another car. Lastly, you will be charged with a felony offense if you have previously been convicted of a felony DUI at any time in your life.

Penalties for a Felony DUI

The state of Nevada issues mandatory jail time for those convicted of a felony DUI. Regardless of how much the judge may like you, he or she is not legally permitted to grant you probation. The consequences for felony DUI's vary depending on which circumstance your case falls under. For the third DUI conviction in 7 years, the jail sentence will be 1 to 6 years in prison. If your DUI caused bodily harm or death to other individuals, the prison term is a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 20 years.

You Need an Aggressive Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

There aren't many people who would choose to spend 20 years in prison, and it is vitally important that you contact a Las Vegas DUI lawyer immediately after you are charged with a DUI. A DUI attorney may be able to help you avoid jail time for some third offense DUI convictions, and can help you reduce the time spent in jail for other circumstances. When you contact The Brown Law Offices, you will begin receiving legal counsel and personalized attention from a DUI legal expert. A lawyer from our firm will be available at all times to answer your tough questions and to alleviate your concerns.

We will work tirelessly on your behalf to explore every legal option for lowering your charges. Founding attorney Phil Brown has worked as a prosecutor for over 14 years, and is intimately familiar with the tactics that prosecutors will use to try and convict you.

Contact a Las Vegas felony DUI attorney who truly cares about your case. Call The Brown Law Offices today for your free consultation!