Defenses Against Drug Charges

Las Vegas Drug Offense Lawyer Challenging Your Charges

Drug convictions can negatively impact your life in many ways. For example, they can result in criminal penalties such as imprisonment and expensive fines, and they can also be very damaging to your record, potentially standing in your way when it comes to future employment opportunities. Brown Law Offices Chartered lawyers understand how serious drug offense charges can be, which is why they are committed to helping their clients avoid convictions or lower their sentences wherever possible. The Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at the firm are highly knowledgeable of the various types of defenses that can be used in drug cases and how these defenses can be most effectively implemented in the courtroom. A lawyer from the Law Vegas firm can help you determine which defense strategies are best suited to your particular case.

Types of Defenses

Here are some of the many different types of defense that are used to challenge drug charges:

  • The defendant did not have clear possession or control over the drugs.
  • The defendant had a legal prescription for the drugs, such as for medical marijuana.
  • The defendant committed a lesser offense, such as possession for personal use as opposed to possession with intent to sell.
  • The drugs were obtained through illegal search and seizure by law enforcement (indicating a violation of the defendant's Constitutional rights).
  • Law enforcement officers used entrapment to make the arrest. This means that the defendant was unfairly lured by the officer into committing a crime that he or she would have otherwise been very unlikely to commit.

Brown Law Offices' attorneys know how to find weaknesses with prosecutors' claims and evidence. Sometimes, the evidence is simply not strong enough, such as when there are other people who had access to the drugs in question or when there are conflicting statements about the defendant's alleged crime. After you are charged with a drug offense, do not simply assume that you will be found guilty. There are oftentimes criminal defense tactics that you can use that you might not even be aware of.

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