Cultivation Charges in Nevada

Las Vegas Cultivation Attorney

Most of the marijuana that Americans use is grown domestically, so the government comes down hard on its production in its efforts to eradicate illicit drugs. While the cultivation of marijuana is the most common source of cultivation charges, other crops can bring on these charges. Drug cultivation is one method of drug manufacture. This can mean growing, possessing, and producing crops (such as cannabis, coca, and opium poppy) that are made into illicit drugs (marijuana, cocaine, and heroin). Even having the seeds for any such crops can land you with cultivation charges. When you face these felony charges, you cannot afford to be with less than the best drug lawyer you can find. You can find the aggressive criminal defense you deserve at Brown Law Offices.

Penalties in Nevada for Drug Cultivation

As most cultivation charges stem from marijuana production, it will provide a good sample of the penalties at which you could be looking. It is a felony to run a grow house, and the penalties for marijuana cultivation are the same as for selling marijuana. If this is the first charge you face, and you are charged with the cultivation of less than 100 pounds, then you could be sentenced to 1 to 6 years in prison and fined up to $20,000. A second offense for the same amount could lead to 2 to 10 years' imprisonment and up to $20,000 in fines. You could face 3 to 15 years in prison for a third offense. The penalties for cultivating more than 100 pounds range from 1 year in prison all the way up to a life sentence, with tens of thousands of dollars in fines. You could face heightened penalties if you face federal cultivation charges. Penalties can also be escalated if the grow house was found in the vicinity of such places as a school or daycare.

One thing is nearly certain. A conviction is likely to stain your record with a felony. If you are branded as a convicted felon, this may be all that a banker, landlord, or employer can see. If your charges get out of hand, they can make it a struggle to find a place to live, to make a living, and even to get a loan. With the rest of your life on the line, you have every reason to act decisively to avail yourself of every possible defense.

Possible Defenses of Cultivation Charges with a Las Vegas Drug Lawyer

One potential defense of drug charges is that the police search may have violated your rights. Under the Fourth Amendment, you have certain rights against unreasonable search and seizures. Your privacy cannot be violated except under specific circumstances. This includes your giving express permission to the officers, or their having probable cause or a warrant to search you and your property. If the police obtained evidence against you from an illegal search and seizure, then we can make a motion to suppress this evidence. The prosecution could not use any of the illegally seized substances as proof against you. Other possible errors include a mistake in the lab, or perhaps you were cultivating medical marijuana for personal use. There are a number of reasons why the charges against you may be baseless or invalid. With the magnitude of the penalties you face, you cannot afford delay in retaining an outstanding legal advocate to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Tenacious Defense from Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are looking for a successful drug crimes lawyer in Las Vegas, you need to find someone with experience and dedication. At the Brown Law Offices, not only are our attorneys well-versed in criminal defense, but we also have distinguished experience as prosecutors. Having former prosecutors on your side can give you the edge you need. We thoroughly understand how the prosecution works, and we know from experience what a winning defense looks like from both sides of the bench. Our drug lawyers have decades of criminal law experience that we could use to fight on your behalf. Learn more about what our powerhouse attorneys can do for you by giving us a call. Do not hesitate to contact us today!