Arrest for Delivery of Drugs in Las Vegas

Charged with delivery of drugs in Las Vegas?

The penalties for drug crimes tend to vary and be more severe according to how serious the law considers the drug to be. See Drug Crimes for more specific information. Meth is considered to be among the most serious and most trafficked of drugs by the Nevada Law Enforcement Authorities. Arrest for the delivery of drugs, however, tends to fall under the same statutes and regulations as does search & seizure, meaning that a good, knowledgeable Las Vegas drug crime attorney will be able to find areas where the Fourth Amendment laws might have been overstepped and be able to get the evidence suppressed, leading to the case being thrown out or charges reduced.

In order to get a conviction in a charge of delivery of drugs, the court must show that delivery of a controlled substance occurred beyond the shadow of a doubt. The court will look at such things as amount of drugs seized as evidence, the presence of large sums of money and any weapons found. Other evidence may include receipt books, drug paraphernalia and baggies. Again, in sentencing, the court considers the seriousness of the drug and other factors such as borders being crossed, any violence that happened during the arrest and proximity to school zones.

Get an Attorney Who Knows the Laws

There are many points where the constitutional laws may have been violated both in the vehicle stop and the police interpretation of the laws regarding search and seizure. If you have been arrested for delivery of drugs in Las Vegas, it is important that you have a lawyer who not only knows the laws but is also intimately familiar with how the courts have ruled in the past with such cases. Such a lawyer can get evidence suppressed or arrange a plea bargain that can reduce your sentence. At the Brown Law Office, we provide such a legal team, headed by Phil Brown, former Chief Deputy District Attorney for Clark County.

Contact a Las Vegas drug crime defense attorney and get the legal defense that will make the difference to your case.