Las Vegas Drug Importation Charges

Advocacy from a Las Vegas Drug Offense Lawyer

In the state of Nevada, it is against the law to import (or attempt to import) controlled or counterfeit substances into the state without having legal authorization to do so. To import something means to bring goods into a state or country, typically with the intention of selling those goods. There are many instances in which people try to smuggle large amounts of illegal or illegally obtained drugs into a state or country as part of large-scale drug sale operations, which are usually considered drug trafficking. Have you been accused of illegally importing drugs into the state of Nevada? If so, do not hesitate to speak with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from Brown Law Offices Chartered.

What are the penalties in Nevada?

When a drug importation offense involves bringing Schedule I or Schedule II drugs across state lines, the offense is considered a category B felony, according to the Nevada Revised Statutes §453.321. Upon a first offense, this can result in a sentence of one to six years in prison and a possible fine of $20,000. Penalties can be much more severe for repeat offenses. For drug importation offenses involving Schedule III, IV or V drugs, illegal importation is a Class C felony. In these cases, the sentence can by one to five years of imprisonment and a possible fine of up to $10,000.

Exploring Your Defense Options

Brown Law Offices Chartered works with each client to determine the drug charge defenses that are most beneficial to him or her. For example, it might be possible to show that the defendant who was arrested for transporting across state lines the drugs did not even know about them, such as if someone snuck the drug containers into the individual's vehicle without him or her knowing. Or, perhaps it is possible to show that the defendant honestly believed that the containers contained something else that could be lawfully imported. When law enforcement officers do not follow protocol in the process of searching for drugs or confiscating them, it is sometimes possible to get the charges dropped due to unlawful search and seizure, which is banned by the U.S. Constitution.

Whether the drug crime lawyers at Brown Law offices Chartered are working toward a full acquittal or a negotiation with prosecutors, these legal professionals take aggressive action to protect their clients' futures. Contact the firm to get started on your defense plan!