Las Vegas Manufacturing Lawyer

Have you been charged with manufacturing drugs in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas law enforcement officials work hard in their fight against drugs. Anyone found to have committed drug crimes in Las Vegas can expect to be facing incarceration in state prison, fines, determined by the type and volume of drug in question, and other factors. A first time offense for possession of a controlled substance is often classified as a misdemeanor, whereas a first time offense for manufacturing a controlled substance is a felony offense.

An individual found to be growing marijuana, through a cultivation/grow house set up, for the purpose of distribution, could be facing multiple felony charges. Nevada state law clearly differentiates between the legal manufacture or preparation of drugs by a pharmacist or physician, and the manufacturing of illegal controlled substances. Of course, doctors and pharmacists could also find themselves unwitting participants in illegal drug activities through patients attempting prescription fraud or doctor shopping. Even the unauthorized possession of certain chemicals commonly associated with the manufacturing of certain drugs, can lead to an arrest.

It is extremely important if you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with manufacturing drugs, that you contact a Las Vegas drug crime defense attorney at our firm immediately. Due to the seriousness of drug manufacturing charges, and the harsh penalties connected with the illegal manufacturing of drugs, any delay in securing an experienced drug attorney could have a negative impact on your case.

Manufacturing Attorney Serving the Las Vegas Area

Our criminal defense firm has a unique understanding about how drug crimes, such as manufacturing, are prosecuted. Our attorney is a former Chief Prosecutor for the Clark County District Attorney's office. The experience and knowledge he gained from his time in the District Attorney's office, allows us a perspective on cases that other drug attorneys do not have. We use that information and experience when analyzing cases, reviewing facts and evidence, questioning witnesses, determining the best course of action for each of our clients to pursue, and advising them of their legal rights and options. You have the right to an attorney. It is best to choose one that knows how to defend serious charges of manufacturing. We have the skills, proven court record and background you need.

If you or a loved one is facing manufacturing charges, contact a Las Vegas manufacturing lawyer at the Brown Law Offices, in order to schedule your confidential consultation today.