Las Vegas Drug Paraphernalia Attorney

Nevada and U.S. Laws on Drug Paraphernalia

It is at least a misdemeanor to unlawfully use, possess, or sell drug paraphernalia. This includes many types of pipes or postage scales, bongs, wired cigarette papers, and cocaine freebase tobacco kits. An apparatus that is illegal includes any item that is used for production, concealment, and consumption of banned controlled substances. It is illegal to transact any sell or purchase of this paraphernalia online or through the mail.

Both state and federal law recognize that there may be legitimate reasons as to why someone would possess or sell drug paraphernalia, such as for a tobacco business, but more often than not, contraband paraphernalia is only marketed as if it were legal. In an effort to market to younger consumers, some of these items are even produced in bright and attractive colors. Too easily, drug paraphernalia can be sold or bought in novelty shops and convenience stores around Las Vegas. As possessing or selling this equipment violates both state and federal law, many complex and serious penalties accompany any drug paraphernalia charges. This is not a time to counter alone or with novice representation. You need a hard-hitting, experienced drug crime lawyer.

Drug Paraphernalia Charges and Penalties

In Nevada, unlawful or even attempted use, or possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor. This is punishable by up to 6 months in county jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines. As your charges may include illegally using the internet or mail, this could lead to further charges of internet crime, or even federal crime. Especially when facing federal charges, you could be charged with a felony, entailing prison time and heftier fines. As severe as that is, even more serious are the consequences that could follow you for the rest of your life. Life as a convicted felon would be living with a stain on your record, adversely affecting basic opportunities for work and housing.

Powerful Defense from a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are confronted with such complicated charges, you are further facing life-altering penalties. You need vigorous legal representation to clear your name and protect your freedoms. A skilled drug crime lawyer can get your charges reduced or even dismissed. At Brown Law Offices, a dedicated criminal defense attorney can safeguard your future with strong representation.

Attorney Phil Brown has years of experience in drug crime defense, and he has more than a decade of criminal trial experience as a prosecutor. This means that he is thoroughly acquainted with the ins and outs of a criminal case. During his years as a prosecutor, he worked with serious crimes and felonies of every kind. Attorney Brown is fully versed in how the prosecution works toward getting a conviction, and he thus fully prepared to craft an unassailable defense.

No matter the charges that threaten you, he is prepared to be a tenacious legal advocate to help you move on with your life. Whenever you need to seek outstanding representation, you can contact Brown Law Offices. We further offer a free initial consultation, so you can start getting the legal answers you need. Especially when such multi-faceted charges are involved, the sooner you act, the more time there is to scrutinize your case and build your defense, so do not hesitate. Call our firm today!