Drug Lawyer in Las Vegas

Have you been charged with possession of marijuana in Las Vegas?

There are a variety of circumstances that can result in a person being charged with a drug-related crime. If you have been found to be holding a certain amount of marijuana, you could be charged with the standard drug possession. If you have been found growing marijuana, you could be charged with the cultivation of drugs. If you have been caught selling marijuana, you will be charged with felony drug trafficking.

If you were arrested for marijuana in Las Vegas, for any reason, you are going to want to seek the counsel of a lawyer who has experience with defending marijuana- and drug-related charges. Attorney Philip Brown has defended countless clients in drug-related charges. As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County, we know how prosecutors operate, and how to strategize for the defense, based upon this knowledge. Our goal is to craft a defense that will help you have your charges reduced or dismissed, or allow you to achieve an acquittal at trial.

How can a Las Vegas drug lawyer help you?

Penalties for marijuana-related crimes vary based upon the quantity of the drug and the criminal record of the defendant. The type of charges and the number of charges filed against you, and whether felony or misdemeanor, will dictate the penalty you will face. If you have been found to be in possession of more than one ounce of marijuana, you will be charged with a felony offense. You could face very severe penalties, including 1 to 4 years of jail time and a $5,000 fine. Penalties for possession of less than an ounce are not as severe, but are still dangerous, as your criminal record will be compromised.

No matter what type of marijuana charge you are facing, our Las Vegas drug attorney can help you. We will make sure that your legal rights are protected. We have defended countless clients who have faced drug charges, and we can defend you, too. Don't put your freedom in jeopardy, contact our law firm today.