PCP Charges in Nevada

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PCP, or phencyclidine, is known by many names. It was once called a dissociative anesthetic, so-called because it induced out-of-body experiences. It was used in surgeries until its scary side effects became known. Today, some call it supergrass, killer weed, angel dust, embalming fluid, and more. The federal government calls it a Schedule II controlled substance. This places it in the same group as cocaine and meth—dangerous and addictive drugs. PCP is a hallucinogen that alters brain function, causing pain sensations to decrease and feelings of euphoria or even invincibility to take over. PCP is also known to lead to violence, to one's self and others. It can impair memory, cause schizophrenia, and raise heart rates to unsafe levels. It can also cause seizures, coma, and death. Due to the dangers of this drug, the penalties for its use are severe. However, many take it unawares.

Phencyclidine can dissolve into water or alcohol, and in its liquid or powder form, it can be mixed with all manner of harmless foods and substances. It can also be mixed with tobacco, marijuana, LSD, and meth. People have been known to sneak phencyclidine into their cigarettes or marijuana, causing their clients to unwittingly take PCP and become addicted. If you have a PCP charge that you do not deserve, then you need aggressive defense to ensure that you are not convicted. At the Brown Law Offices, we can provide you the tenacious defense you need. We may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Some of the Potential Penalties for Possession or Sale of PCP

If you are charged with the manufacture or trafficking of PCP, then you may be federally prosecuted. For manufacturing several ounces or a couple of pounds of phencyclidine, you could face 5 to 40 years in prison and up to $2 million in fines. That is for a first offense. For a first PCP trafficking offense, you could get 10 years to life imprisonment, and up to $4 million in fines. Federal drug offenses are extremely serious matters, and you only want the best drug defense lawyer that you can find.

At the state level, even if you face charges of simple possession, you could face several years in jail and thousands in fines. Possession with intent to sell can mean more than a decade in jail and fines of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Repeat offenses can heighten the penalties you face. If you are charged with any felonies, then the black mark on your record can change your future. Even after you serve a sentence, a serious conviction can mean that employers will not want to hire you and banks may not lend to you. Any PCP charge can have grave consequences. You need a fierce and tireless legal advocate on your side.

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At the Brown Law Offices, our drug crime attorneys are well-versed in every single type of drug case there is. Whether you are up against charges of drug possession or federal drug charges, we may be able to clear your name and protect your freedoms. As former prosecutors, we fully understand what you can be facing, and we can know how to ensure that your defense is solid. As Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers, we have years of experience in getting our clients favorable results.

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