Las Vegas Firearms Crimes Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Firearms Charges in Las Vegas

Although it is legal to own and possess firearms for most people in the state of Nevada, there are laws and restrictions governing this right. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges connected with firearms in Las Vegas or in the surrounding areas of Clark County, you should contact the Brown Law Offices to set up a consultation with our Las Vegas criminal lawyer. Attorney Phil Brown can discuss your case with you, advise you on your legal rights and options and represent you in any legal proceeding. As a former chief prosecutor with the Clark County District Attorney's office, Phil Brown has handled thousands of firearms cases. Phil Brown was also one of the original founding members of the Gun Crimes Unit with the Clark County District Attorney's office. During this assignment, he worked closely with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, North Las Vegas Police Department, Henderson Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) and the United States Attorney's office. Phil Brown has tried numerous jury trials involving firearms, has litigated countless cases involving firearms and has instructed law enforcement on firearm related issues.

Why hire a Las Vegas firearms defense attorney?

Many state and federal laws exist concerning the possession and use of firearms. Firearms may not be owned or used by convicted felons, illegal aliens, fugitives, or mentally ill persons. It is also illegal for anyone to knowingly sell these people a firearm. Illegal aliens found with firearms may be deported for this crime. Other crimes involving firearms include carrying a concealed weapon, using a firearm to commit another crime, such as robbery or a home invasion, failing to surrender a firearm following a protective order in a domestic violence case, using a gun to threaten, using guns while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using guns around children, buildings or cars, dealing in stolen guns, or juveniles illegally owning or possessing guns. In both federal and state court, any crime committed with the use of a gun will result in harsher penalties, including longer prison sentences.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense related to firearms, the criminal defense attorneys at the firm may be able negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced or, in some cases, dismissed. It is important to consult with attorney Phil Brown about the specifics of your situation so that it can be investigated and an effective defense plan devised to help you avoid a conviction.

Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at the firm today if you are facing charges connected with a firearms offense.