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Fighting State and Federal Internet Crime Charges

Internet crimes cover a range of offenses such as fraud, identity theft, sex crimes, pornography, crimes against a child, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism and hacking. The FBI is actively involved in Internet crime investigations, especially cases involving major fraud and sexual exploitation. Many state agencies are pursing Internet criminal offenders as well. If you have been charged with an Internet crime, you are facing potentially serious consequences, including:

  • State imprisonment
  • Federal imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Loss of employment

A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney should be contacted at once to immediately begin preparing your defense. Even if you have not been formally charged, a skilled lawyer can protect your rights and possibly help you avoid an indictment.

Brown Law Offices is adept in cases involving Internet crimes. Our firm has considerable experience in state and federal courtrooms and knows what to expect from prosecutors seeking a conviction in an Internet crime case. We can give you reliable legal advice and build a tough defense to help prevent a guilty verdict.

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It is illegal to use computers and the Internet to traffic in child pornography. This includes the production, distribution, receiving, sale and possession of pornographic materials, as well as accessing child pornography online with the Intent to view. The Internet is regularly monitored by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Online child pornography offenders are aggressively pursued and prosecuted, especially by the FBI. The penalties for federal child pornography offenses involving the Internet are extremely harsh, especially if the act was connected to an organized criminal activity.

You will need dedicated representation in an Internet crime case. Our office keeps current with new legislation and governmental policies in this area and can be relied on to vigorously challenge the prosecution's case.

Contact a Las Vegas internet crime lawyer at Brown Law Offices for qualified counsel if you have been charged with a state or federal internet crime.