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How to Fight Charges of DUI & Drugs

You can be arrested and charged with DUI with absolutely no alcohol in your system. If law enforcement believes that drug intoxication affected your ability safely operate a vehicle, you can face charges of DUI and drugs. At the Brown Law Offices, we have an unusual level of experience to bring to the table for you – we are former prosecutors, and our founder has a background serving as a Chief Prosecutor, and has great familiarity with all aspects of DUI and drugs charges, from both sides. This experience could be very beneficial to you in your case. We can help you fight the charges, and are ready to speak with you about exactly what happened, how the charges came about, and what strategy could allow you to avoid conviction.

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Prescription Drugs and DUI

You may have been stopped for suspicion of DUI and law enforcement believed you were under the influence of drugs. Even if you were legally prescribed a medication, you are not exempt from being charged, particularly if it is alleged that you were responsible for causing a collision with injuries or loss of life. The testing in these cases is usually blood or urine testing. DUI cases involving alcohol are tested with a breath testing unit, but cases of drug intoxication are tested by identifying drugs in your system through blood or urine testing. It is illegal to be in physical control of a vehicle if you are under the influence of any controlled substance, legally prescribed or not, that affects your ability to drive safely. The types of drugs that are most often associated with this charge are painkillers such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, Codeine, or similar medications.

Recreational Drugs and DUI

If law enforcement stops you and believes you have been smoking marijuana, or that you are under the influence of a controlled substance such as cocaine, meth, or other illegal drug, you can face charges of DUI, and if drugs are found in your vehicle, added charges for possession or worse. A fun trip to Vegas can become a legal nightmare. Whether you are a local or were visiting the city, our legal team can help you fight the charges. The science involved in drug testing is open to challenge, and your case could have various flaws that could be exploited by our defense team, allowing you to walk away without consequences, either with a dismissed charge or an acquittal. We are ready to help you fight back.

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