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Throughout Nevada and the United States, possession of an illegal, controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, and crack is one of the most commonly-charged drug crimes. In the eyes of the law, there is virtually no difference between possession for personal use and possession with intent for sale. Both are categorized the same, and conviction on a possession charge can have some very serious consequences.

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What are the penalties for possession in Las Vegas?

Criminal Defense

Penalties for drug possession will vary greatly depending on the type of drug as well as the quantity in possession at the time of arrest. There are five different drug schedules that categorizes a broad range of controlled substances from those with a low risk of addiction, up to those with the highest risk such as heroin, ecstasy and others.

Those who are convicted on a first or second drug offense are considered Class E felonies with the following penalties:

  • A minimum 1-year sentence
  • Maximum of 4 years in prison

More than two drug possession offenses warrants a Class D felony with convicted defendants serving:

  • A minimum 1 to 4 years in prison
  • Maximum fines of up to $20,000

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Drug possession is a serious criminal charge with grave consequences for those who are found guilty. The Brown Law Offices understands how a conviction can impact not just the life of the defendant, but the lives of the people who depend on them as well. Our firm uses our deep knowledge of drug laws with our trial experiences to build a defense case geared to help you avoid the consequences you could be dealing with.

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