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How to Seal your Criminal Record

Your criminal record contains information about your arrest, the crime you were charged with, and data on your trial, conviction, and sentencing. It is accessible by law enforcement as well as the public through various Internet sites. A business conducting an employee background check will also be able to access your record. If you have had a criminal record for a number of years, you may already know that it can limit your employment, housing and educational opportunities, prevent you from acquiring certain professional licenses and create difficulties with security clearances.

A person whose case was dismissed or was found not-guilty can have their record sealed. Someone convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation can request that their records are sealed after the probation has been completed and the case has been dismissed. Persons that were found guilty of a criminal offense and sentenced to other types of punishment can also request that their records be sealed after a certain period of time, and as long as:

  • They have not been convicted of another crime
  • There is no criminal case pending

When a juvenile offender reaches the age of 21, he or she may also petition to have their records sealed. Contact a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to find out if your criminal record can be sealed, and for help in preparing your petition to the court.

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