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Metro Police Release YouTube Video on Identifying Marijuana Grow Houses

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently released a YouTube video to educate citizens on how to identify Marijuana Grow Houses. Police as asking citizens to be watchful and report suspected marijuana grow houses to authorities. The video tells citizens to watch for houses where: the only activity is at night, fluorescent lights can be seen through windows, windows are covered with foil or moisture build-up, or they detect a "skunk-like" odor. Metro has already busted 88 marijuana grow houses this year, and police expect more than a 50% increase in marijuana grow house busts this year over last year.

When police bust marijuana grow houses, they usually charge the owners and occupants with Conspiracy to Violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (NRS 453.401), Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell (NRS 453.337) and Opening or Maintaining of Place for Unlawful Sale, Gift or Use of Controlled Substances (NRS 453.316). If the marijuana weighs more than 200 pounds, they will also charge Trafficking in a Controlled Substance (NRS 453.339). Marijuana grow houses can also be the basis for federal drug charges. All of these offenses are extremely serious and can bring long prison sentences and large fines.

In some cases, police and prosecutors criminally charge people who are merely present at the time the grow house is busted. Mere presence in or near a marijuana grow house is not a criminal offense. In order to be charged criminally in connection with a marijuana grow house, the person must have knowledge of the illegal substances and must do some act to help, encourage or assist in the operation. This is called "aiding and abetting" liability. A person who aids and abets a crime can, under the law, be held equally liable for a criminal offense as the person who actually commits it.

If you or someone you know is charged or arrested in connection with a Marijuana Grow House, it is important that you contact a Las Vegas Drug Crimes Attorney right away. A Las Vegas Drug Crimes Attorney can assist you in analyzing the facts of your case and identifying appropriate defenses, such as a "mere presence" defense. The Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer can also assess whether a search warrant is valid and/or if a motion to suppress evidence is supportable in your case. The Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer will assist you by providing you with the most aggressive defense strategy possible to protect your legal rights.