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Pacman Jones Arrested, May Face Probation Violation Charges Due to New Arrest

Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested this weekend for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. Jones was allegedly asked to leave a Cincinnati bar, but refused. He caused a disturbance and police were called. When police responded, they claimed that Jones yelled profanities at them and resisted arrest. Officers claim that they had to use force to retrain Jones in order to put handcuffs on him.

In 2007, Jones was criminally charged in connection with a shooting at a strip club that left a local bouncer paralyzed. Jones pled guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Disorderly Conduct and agreed to testify against the alleged shooter. Jones was subsequently sentenced to probation. The terms of his probation included 200 hours of community service, anger management class, submitting to random urinalysis and stay out of trouble. Jones's new arrest is a violation of the requirement that he stay out of trouble. The Clark County District Attorney's Office is monitoring the case to determine if it will file Violation of Probation charges.

Probation violations are very serious. When someone is given a probationary sentence, the Court usually imposes a jail or prison term and then suspends that sentence and places the offender on probation. The Court will also tell the offender what the requirements (also called "terms" or "conditions") of the probation are. If the offender violates those conditions, the probation can be revoked and the offender can be required to serve the entire original sentence.

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