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College QB Nathaniel Montana Arrested for DUI

Nathaniel Montana, the son of Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana, was arrested last week for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol. The younger Montana was stopped for speeding just before 4 a.m. and failed several field sobriety tests. He was subsequently arrested for DUI. Montana is currently a quarterback at the University of Montana and is expected to compete for the starting QB position this fall.

When young people are stopped or arrested, they frequently don't know or understand their legal rights. They may be confused and overwhelmed. They don't know that they can decline to perform field sobriety tests, and they don't know that they can respectfully decline to answer questions asked by a police officer. Recognizing this difference between young people and adults, Nevada Courts require that minor under the age of eighteen (18) who are arrested for juvenile offenses be given an additional Miranda Warning, telling the juvenile that they have a right to have a parent present before questioning.

Driving under the Influence is a very serious offense. A conviction for DUI can result in up to six (6) months in jail, large fines, extensive counseling requirements, loss of driver's license and can even make the person ineligible for certain educational or job opportunities. For young people, convictions for offenses like DUI can have an especially profound impact on their lives.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for DUI, it is important that you contact a Las Vegas DUI Attorney immediately. The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer can analyze the facts of your case, identify appropriate defenses and develop an aggressive litigation strategy to protect your legal rights.