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Preliminary Hearing in Mayweather Domestic Violence Case Delayed

Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather is currently pending preliminary hearing on Domestic Violence related charges, including Coercion, Grand Larceny and Robbery.  The incident involved three of Mayweather's children and their mother.   The preliminary hearing previously scheduled for last Thursday was continued until the end of July. 

In Nevada, Robbery is the taking of someone else's property from their person or presence by force of fear.  Usually, when people think of robbery, they think of taking money from a store.  But, snatching a bicycle, MP3, I-Pod or cell phone from away from someone can also be charged as a robbery.  Grand Larceny is a theft related crime.  The term Grand Larceny refers to taking someone else's property valued at over $250.00 without permission or excuse.  Unlike Robbery, Grand Larceny does not require that the taking be the result of force or fear.  Also, Grand Larceny does not require that the taking be from the person or the person's presence.  A Grand Larceny can become a Robbery if a person uses force or fear to keep the property or to get away with the property.

Coercion is forcing someone to do something that they don't want to do, or keeping them from doing something they have a right to do.   If the coercion is done by force or threat of force, then it is charged as a Felony Crime.  In domestic violence cases, Coercion and Robbery are frequently charged together when the government claims that the accused person took the victim's phone by force to prevent him or her from calling for help.

Sometimes in Domestic Violence cases, a heated argument over a family matter can quickly escalate into felony charges.  If you or someone you know has been arrested as the result of a domestic dispute, it is imperative that you contact a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer right away.  A Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney can analyze the facts of your case and advise you regarding possible defenses and strategies.  The earlier you call an attorney, the better.  Many times, witnesses move, memories fade and important evidence can be lost over time.  Don't hesitate - call a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney now.