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Reigning Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather to Remain in Jail on Domestic Violence Charge

Despite motions by lawyers and picketing by a boxing advocate, Floyd Mayweather will have to serve out his Domestic Violence sentence at the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) and will likely have to remain in protective custody for the entire time. Last December, Mayweather pled guilty to one count of Battery Domestic Violence and no contest to two (2) counts of Harassment. He was sentenced to ninety (90) days in CCDC with three (3) days credit for time served, leaving a remaining sentence of eighty-seven (87) days. Mayweather was supposed to serve his sentence in January, but his surrender date was continued to allow him to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5, 2012.

Battery Domestic Violence is considered a very serious offense in Las Vegas. In fact, the Las Vegas Courts take these cases so seriously that they created a specialty Domestic Violence Court to exclusively handle these types of cases. Battery Domestic Violence is usually a misdemeanor offense, meaning it is punishable by up to six (6) months in jail and a $1,000.00 fine. The sentences handed down for Domestic Battery can be some of the most severe available for misdemeanor offenders. In some cases, like Mayweather's case, the accused is ordered at the outset of the case to serve jail time as a part of the sentence. Other times, a jail sentence is "suspended," meaning the court will see whether the accused person completes their other requirements first. If they successfully complete, the person may not have to serve the jail time. If the person does not successfully complete the requirements, then they will be sent to jail to serve out all of (or a portion of) their sentence.

Domestic Battery sentences frequently include extensive counseling and community service requirements. The typical person convicted of Battery Domestic Violence is required to attend between twenty-six (26) and fifty-two (52) weekly counseling sessions. It is critical that the person attend every weekly counseling session. If the person misses more than three (3) of the weekly counseling sessions in that time period, they may be terminated from the Domestic Violence Counseling program and required to start the classes over from the beginning and/or they can be ordered to serve out a jail sentence.

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