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Teen Convicted of Vehicular Homicide in Texting While Driving Case

Eighteen-year-old Aaron Deveau was convicted of Vehicular Homicide today in Massachusetts. Deveau was texting while driving when his car crossed over the center line and struck another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle was killed and the passenger was severely injured. Now, Deveau will have to serve a year in prison for the offenses. After his release, Deveau will be placed on probation for an additional four (4) years and his license will be suspended for fifteen (15) years. If Deveau violates the terms of his probation, he could be ordered to serve an additional prison term of up to one and a half years.

Traffic offenses that result in the death of another person are some of the most challenging and complex cases in criminal court. In Nevada, if an unintended death occurs as the result of a traffic offense, there are numerous charges that prosecutors use to elevate what is ordinarily a relatively minor offense into a felony charge.

For instance, a first or second Driving under the Influence (DUI) charge is ordinarily a misdemeanor. But, if the DUI offense results in death or substantial bodily harm, then prosecutors charge DUI causing Death or Substantial Bodily Harm, which is a non-probationable felony offense carrying sentences up to fifteen (15) years in prison. "Non-probationable" means that the court is not allowed to give the defendant probation and, instead, must send the offender to prison.

Similarly, a standard Reckless Driving offense usually results in a simple misdemeanor citation. However, a Reckless Driving causing Death or Substantial Bodily Harm may be charged as a felony and that felony offense can carry up to six (6) years in prison. Other traffic offenses that result in an unintended death are sometimes charged as Involuntary Manslaughter, a felony, or as Vehicular Manslaughter, a misdemeanor that carries a potential sentence of six (6) months in jail.

If you or someone you know is being investigated for or charged with a criminal offense arising from a traffic fatality, it is critical that you contact a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer that is knowledgeable and experienced in handling vehicular offenses. The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys at Brown Law Offices have extensive experience in handling all types of vehicular crimes and will provide you with the most aggressive defense strategy possible to protect your legal rights.