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Local Re-Entry Programs are There to Help

When prisoners are sent back into the world, they are released into the hands of Las Vegas' parole and probation offices. After serving a sentence, most criminals are ready for a new lease on life. Before these new hopes can be fulfilled, they must go through a difficult transition into regular society. A Pew Center study found upwards of forty percent of offenders in the United States return to prison within three years of being released. The recidivism (or repetition of past behavior) in the state of Nevada currently stands at a rate of twenty-six percent. As Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys, we can not emphasize the importance of these programs enough.

In our trying economic times (our state of Nevada and city of Las Vegas being among the worst hit in the nation), it is daunting for ex-inmates to compete for the trust of potential employers against well-qualified unemployed citizens. Many wind up lapsing into their prior, unhealthy situations due to this dejection. But there is hope and it comes in the form of Nevada's re-entry programs.

Such transitory programs include: Hope for Prisoners, whose stated mission is 'To empower and equip men, women and young adults who are exiting various arenas of our judicial system to help them successfully reenter and effectively function in mainstream society"; the Prison-Re-Integration (PRI) Program made possible by the Las Vegas Urban League; the Education and Vocational Opportunities leading to Valuable Experience (EVOLVE) Center; and the Las Vegas Urban League's RExO Champs. All of these programs currently available to ex-inmates.

Even with all of the support and encouragement that family, friends and the community can provide, some prior offenders will again become the target of law enforcement attention. If you or someone you know has been arrested, charged or is under investigation for a criminal offense in Las Vegas, it is important to contact a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer right away. This is especially true if the person has been the subject of prior arrests or convictions, as prosecutions and penalties for most crimes get more severe for suspects who are considered "repeat" or "recidivist" offenders. The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers at Brown Law Offices can assist you by assisting in analyzing the facts of your case, identifying applicable defenses and developing the most aggressive strategy possible to protect your legal rights.