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Trespasser on Miley Cyrus's Property Ordered to Stay Away

Jason Luis Rivera was recently found trespassing on Miley Cyrus's property. He is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of Trespassing and one misdemeanor count of Resisting Arrest after he reportedly jumped the fence to Miley Cyrus's compound. Police later discovered that he was carrying a pair of scissors at the time of his arrest. Now, Rivera has been ordered to stay away from Cyrus. While Rivera has not been charged with Stalking or Harassment, his behavior is consistent with the behavior of other offenders who have been charged with stalking-related offenses.

Stalking and Harassment are serious offenses. A conviction for Stalking or Harassment can affect both a person's personal and professional life, including divorce and child custody matters and even the ability to get or keep a job in certain fields. In addition, the offenses are "prior-able" which means that second or additional offenses can be treated even more harshly.

There are many reasons why a person might raise a false Stalking or Harassment charge, such as: anger; revenge; to gain an advantage in court or with mutual acquaintances; established mental illness; or, even just for attention. If you or someone you know is being charged or investigated or Stalking, Harassment, Violation of a Restraining Order, or a related offense, it is important that you contact a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney right away.

It is especially important to act quickly in these types of stalking or harassment cases, so that critical evidence can be obtained and preserved for your defense. The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers at Brown Law Offices can assist you by working to analyze the facts of your case, identify applicable defenses, and develop the most aggressive strategy possible to protect your legal rights.