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Singer Chris Brown Violating Probation in his Domestic Violence Case?

Popular R&B singer, Chris Brown, is back in court in California today for a hearing on an alleged probation violation in his domestic violence case involving Rihanna. TMZ reports that the district attorney believes Brown lied about completing his community service requirements. A violation of the requirements of his probation in this case could mean jail time for Brown.

In February 2009 Brown was charged with domestic violence involving his then girlfriend, and fellow R&B star, Rihanna. The highly publicized case resulted in a guilty plea by Brown and a sentence of 5 years on probation and a 180 day jail term or its equivalent (1,400 hours of community service). Brown also underwent a year long domestic-violence class. Four years post-conviction the D.A. claims that Brown submitted false community service records to complete his requirements, stating that he was in fact travelling on a private jet at one of the times he alleged to have been doing community service.

In Nevada, a conviction for domestic violence carries with it similar stiff penalties. An individual convicted of domestic violence may face jail time, fines, court-mandated counseling, and loss of the right to own a firearm among other penalties at the discretion of the court. Domestic violence is a broad category defined by using violence against a family member, spouse, ex-spouse, dating partner, co-habitant, or the parent of your child. Domestic violence is a serious matter than can permanently blemish your record, making it difficult and embarrassing when searching for work or undergoing any type of background check.

Furthermore, once convicted of domestic violence, or another charge, a probation violation will typically result in arrest and a probation revocation proceeding which can mean being sent to jail to complete your sentence for the original crime. Probation violations are serious offenses and can put your liberty at risk. It is unclear at this time whether Brown will be incarcerated and subject to serving his 180 day jail term.

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