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Robbery Fails When Victim Produces Flip Phone

A New York City resident was in Central Park over the holidays when he became the victim of a robbery with a deadly weapon. The robber demanded that the victim turn over all his valuables, and specifically requested the victim's cell phone. When the victim produced an older model flip phone the robber actually gave the phone back.

This instance of robbery being foiled by older technology is not the first. In 2012 two students from Columbia University were also robbed in a similar fashion and when they produced Blackberry cell phones the robber also let them keep the phones, stating "I want iPhone's." Reports indicate that robberies involving cell phones account for approximately 40% of the robberies in large American cities. iPhones are a hot commodity because they have high resale value.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department there were 797 robbery crimes in Las Vegas during the first four months of 2013. Nevada defines robbery as a theft crime. It is the taking of someone's property, in their presence, without their permission, by threat or use of force. NRS 200.380. Robbery is distinguished from burglary, which is the taking of someone's property when no one is present.

Individuals charged with robbery in Nevada face a potential felony conviction carrying a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. If you or someone you know has been charged with robbery it is important to contact Brown Law Offices. The attorneys will take immediate action to preserve your rights and formulate an aggressive approach to defending your case.

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