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Pool Party Season in Las Vegas

Pool party season has arrived in Las Vegas. In recent years, these exclusive, private "day clubs" have become as much a part of the Las Vegas experience as its casinos and night clubs. Pool parties/day clubs have dress codes and cover charges, just as night clubs do. They also share the excitement and "anything goes" atmosphere usually associated with Las Vegas night clubs. Unfortunately, sometimes people get carried away in the alcohol-infused and crazy pool party experience, and they end up making choices that result in being investigated, charged or arrested for a criminal offense.

Common charges arising from Pool Party/Day Club arrests include:

A conviction for any of these criminal charges can have long-lasting consequences, including jail or prison time, heavy fines, and loss of educational and employment opportunities.

If you or someone you know is being investigated, charged or arrested for a criminal offense arising from a pool party or day club, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable and experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer right away. The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers at Brown Law Offices can assist you in analyzing the facts of your individual case, identifying appropriate defenses and developing the most aggressive defense strategy possible to