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Man Sentenced in Child Abuse Case After Overdosing on Heroin at McDonalds Play Land

Robert Palmer and his girlfriend, Tamica Jeffers, were found unresponsive at a McDonalds play land in March of this year. Reports indicate that Palmer and Jeffers were at the play land with two small children, a five-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, when the two neglected the needs of the children by ingesting a large amount of heroin and then passing out.

Authorities suggested that the amount of heroin ingested by the two was life-threatening. When emergency responders arrived to the fast-food restaurant the children were unattended and the two adults were entirely non-responsive. Palmer was convicted last month of two misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, a form of child abuse and neglect, and he received a sentence of six months in jail at his hearing in April.

Jeffers has yet to see a judge regarding her child abuse charges. However, if Palmer's sentence is any indication, she could be facing a similar six-month jail term, with credit for time served. That would mean she would be released from jail in less than five months. There is no indication that either Jeffers or Palmer were brought up on charges for possession or consumption of heroin.

Child endangerment, or child abuse and neglect, are charges that can result from a misunderstood situation or a moment of inattentive action. In many cases, the facts are not as cut and dry as they were for Palmer and Jeffers, who were allegedly seen taking doses of heroin on surveillance video while at the McDonalds with the children. Child abuse and neglect is often charged in situations where there are other witnesses and reasonable explanations.

A drug addiction can complicate charges of child abuse and neglect. Heroin is a powerful drug that can cause complete inability to control motor functions in the user. Taking such a narcotic can leave the user unable to care for themselves, let alone any children they may be responsible for. However, treatment for heroin addiction has come a long way in recent years and there are standard reunification plans set up for offenders charged with child abuse and neglect as a result of drug dependency issues.

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