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Pittsburgh Man Facing Assault Charges For Throwing Easter Eggs

A lover's quarrel over allegations of cheating led to an assault on Easter Sunday in Pittsburgh. 27-year-old Aaron Goempel was arrested on simple and aggravated assault charges after he allegedly threw hardboiled eggs at his girlfriend's face during an argument. The two were apparently decorating Easter eggs at the time of the incident.

According to reports, the assault took place after Goempel's girlfriend accused him of cheating on her. Goempel then threw the eggs at the woman's face, causing discoloration and swelling in one of her eyes. The assault led the woman to contact police.

When authorities arrived at the egg decorating party to find the injuries sustained by the victim, they attempted to make an arrest on Goempel for assault. Apparently, Goempel had set up a makeshift barricade, which officers surmounted. Goempel then, reportedly, reached for nearby knives and swords before beings subdued by officers. During his arrest for the assault, it is alleged that Goempel yelled racist epithets at officers and attempted to strike them.

Assault charges are a serious matter, and can result from a misunderstanding or a small argument, as appears to be the case here. Often hardboiled eggs are not used to assault another individual, but when something happens sporadically to cause anger or rage, such common items could play a starring role in an assault case. One important thing to understand is that assault charges can result in almost any situation, even where it appears that the actions were playful or even benign in nature.

Understanding your rights when charged with assault will help you to address your charges and formulate a defense. Oftentimes an alleged victim will recant their version of events, or make changes to the way in which it was initially reported that can impact criminal liability. In a situation like the one here, it would not be uncommon for the facts to develop and show that the two lovers were, in fact, engaged in a playful exchange that accidentally caused harm to one of them. Where that happens, charges for violent crimes, like assault, can be modified or even dropped entirely.

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