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How Can I Fight My Drug Charges?

If you are facing drug crime charges, one of the most important issues you have to deal with is to retain the services of a highly qualified and intelligent drug crime defense lawyer. The earlier you have legal representation, the more options could be open to you with regard to avoiding a conviction. Exercise your rights, and do not answer any questions, just ask for an attorney. Don't provide any details or try to convince the police that you are innocent – they don't believe you, and everything you say usually just makes the problem more difficult.

Can I win at trial in a drug case?

The ability to win at trial is in large part, based upon the quality of your defense lawyer. Every criminal case has some potential for success. The job of our attorney is to comb through every detail to find the weakness that could be exploited in your defense case. Any police error, or even an administrative or lab error, prosecutor error or essentially any mistake can open the door to success at trial.

Will I go to jail?

Drug crimes are heavily punished in Nevada. Visitors to Las Vegas are there to have a good time, but the situation can turn ugly if the police stop you and find any type of illegal substance. The way to avoid jail time is to be proactive, and reach out to an attorney that has the ability to work behind the scenes for you. Being well-connected in the criminal justice system can be a great advantage, hence the old saying, "it's not what you know, but who you know."

I got arrested while visiting Las Vegas, what do I do?

You will need a criminal defense lawyer that is local to manage your case. Attorney Philip Brown often represents tourists who come to Las Vegas and are caught in the criminal justice system. Call his firm and get him working for you as soon as you have been arrested. The right actions taken early in the process could even lead to dropped charges.

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