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Will I Go To Jail For Marijuana Possession?

Are you charged with possession in Las Vegas? The consequences can be very serious if your defense is not managed professionally. If you are charged and have a clean criminal record and are accused of having one ounce or less, the penalties include a $600 fine. That could include one joint. If it is your second offense, the fines are increased to $1,000, the same for a 3rd offense, and for a 4th, you will be facing felony charges, with 1 year mandatory incarceration, and up to 4 years possible. Your first action after an arrest is to get a highly qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer working behind the scenes to help you.

Why was I charged with possession with intent?

If you are found to have more than one ounce, you could be believed to have been planning to distribute the marijuana, and this is a felony offense, with up to 4 years in prison that could be imposed, and 1 year mandatory minimum, as well as up to $5,000 in fines. If you have less than one ounce, and it is not believed you were planning to give or sell the substance to any person, you will owe fines, as long as your record is clean. You may be able to access alternatives such as treatment and stay out of jail, which is far more difficult if you are just visiting the city.

Can I beat a marijuana possession charge?

It is always possible to beat a criminal charge, but fast action must be undertaken by a skilled criminal lawyer. All factors in your case must be analyzed. Were you illegally stopped or searched? Were you actually the person that owned the marijuana, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Was police procedure correct, or were there serious errors? Get your case reviewed at once so you know what strategy could be effective in defending your case.

What if I am charged with a felony marijuana possession charge?

Once you have above the threshold amount, you will be believed to have intended to sell or distribute the substance. Some cases involve police narcotics officers posing as regular people that may ask to buy a joint or share it. Once you agree, you will most likely be charged with a felony. The penalties imposed can be very serious, including up to $20,000 in fines, and 3 years mandatory and up to 15 in some cases. Get a lawyer. Make it the right one – a lawyer who knows how to fight back, and fight back hard.

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