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Miley Cyrus' Maserati Thief Wanted In Other Car Theft Cases

One-time Disney sensation, Miley Cyrus, was again the victim of a burglary at her Southern California mansion last week. Law enforcement has arrested Tylor Scott and Naomi Charles on theft charges related to the incident. It is alleged that Scott and Charles broke into Cyrus' home last weekend, stealing a number of items and making off with her Maserati.

The Maserati itself was found on a nearby Simi Valley street, in good condition. Apparently, the burglars abandoned the car just after they made off with it. However, reports are surfacing that Scott has a history of stealing vehicles. He was arrested in September of last year after he stole his parent's vehicle and crashed it. He also faces theft charges for stealing another car, just days after that alleged incident, and ditching it in a store parking lot after it got a flat tire. Scott is also wanted on a warrant out of Arizona for stealing a Mercedes CLK.

Some reports indicate that Scott has a substance abuse issue, and that this may be impacting his ability to make sound decisions. When officer's discovered the Mercedes Scott allegedly stole in Arizona, they also recovered drug paraphernalia. Currently, both Scott and Charles are facing burglary charges for breaking in to Cyrus' home.

In Nevada, depending on the facts and circumstances of each individual case and alleged perpetrator, a person can be charged under various theft theories, such as possession of a stolen vehicle, grand larceny of a vehicle, burglary, and others. All of these charges could result in a felony adjudication with serious consequences.

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