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Man Arrested for Attempted Murder at 'Thunder From Down Under' Show

The man who snuck backstage at the 'Thunder From Down Under' show at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on Tuesday night is facing charges for attempted murder with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary with a deadly weapon. Reports say that the man snuck backstage at the show by posing as a dancer. He was spotted taking articles of clothing, costumes, and other props belonging to the dancers. When confronted by dancers from the show, the man tried to say that he had purchased the items for his girlfriend. It was then that the dancers began to struggle with the man.

During the struggle, the would-be robber pulled out a .44 caliber handgun and aimed it at a dancer. It was this act that underlies his attempted murder charges and all of the weapon enhancements. Thankfully for the crew of the show, dancers were able to subdue the man but not before he was able to get one shot off that ricocheted off a wall in the backstage area.

When police arrived at the scene the attempted to identify the man, who gave the name of Michael Maharas. According to reports his identity has yet to be verified. The man was then transported to UMC for medical treatment before being booked into Clark County Detention Center on the charges of attempted murder, attempted robbery, and burglary.

Based on his criminal history, the man in this case may be facing many decades behind bars. In Nevada, a weapons enhancement can double the number of years a person will spend in jail if convicted of the underlying crime. Violent crimes, like attempted murder, carry stiff prison terms that are compounded exponentially by weapons enhancements.

Some reports have suggested that the man may have been suffering from methamphetamine induced delusions, but this has not been confirmed. As the story continues to unfold, the reasoning behind his actions will likely come to light and may provide a defense for the man facing some serious criminal charges.

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