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Tucson Man And His Chihuahua Rob Bank

Officials in Tucson are looking for a bank robber who held up a Chase Bank inside of a grocery store earlier this month. The bank robbery took place mid-morning on March 14th. Although the robbery made a clean getaway, it was his tiny four-legged co-conspirator that made him memorable.

The robber, described as approximately 35-years-old and roughly 5 foot 10 inches tall, walked in to a Chase branch with a tiny pet Chihuahua in a hand-held shopping basket. The robber approached a bank teller and demanded money. While the teller was handing over the cash, the robbery suspect placed a handheld shopping basket on the counter, revealing a tiny white Chihuahua dog inside. The man then took the cash and the pup before leaving the bank.

Police reports indicate that no one was injured during the robbery and it does not appear that the suspect was armed with anything more than his furry little friend. Law enforcement has not revealed how much cash the duo made off with during the heist.

Though theft crimes often involve numerous individuals who are charged with conspiracy for their role in the criminal act, it is unlikely that the dog in this case will be facing any criminal charges. If anything, his mere presence at the scene of the crime makes the actual culprit more identifiable. However, the dog's claim of mere presence could also be a viable defense to an actual human who got caught up in a situation and then finds themselves charged with robbery.

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