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"Johnny Football" Avoids Domestic Violence Charges, NFL Probe Continues

Johnny Manziel was pulled over recently after someone called in and complained that he was driving at a high rate of speed on the shoulder of the freeway. After he was stopped, Manziel’s girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, told police that Manziel pushed her head up against the passenger window and hit her “a couple of times.” Crowley admitted she had thrown Manziel’s wallet out the window of the moving vehicle. She also stated they had been arguing and drinking throughout the day. Officers did notice some abrasions on her wrist which Manziel claimed happened when he was trying to restrain her from jumping out of the moving car. Officers did not arrest Manziel, stating that they could not determine which party was the “primary aggressor” in the incident. Even though police did not make an arrest, the NFL has continued its probe into whether Manziel should be sanctioned within the organization.

When police respond to a domestic violence call in Nevada, they are required to make an arrest if they have probable cause to believe that an incident of Battery Domestic Violence occurred. If Manziel’s incident occurred in Nevada, it likely would have resulted in an arrest. However, just because a person is arrested doesn’t mean that a conviction is inevitable. In many instances, the person arrested was in fact acting in self-defense. In other cases, no domestic battery occurred, but police arrest the suspect based on false allegations.

Battery Domestic Violence charges are extremely serious. A conviction for Battery Domestic Violence carries with it the possibility of six (6) months in jail, as well as extensive counseling classes, community service and heavy fines. A conviction for Battery Domestic Violence can also prevent you from owning or possessing a firearm and can have a profound impact on child custody cases.

If you or someone you know is charged with Battery Domestic Violence, contact the knowledgeable and experienced Battery Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys at Brown Law Offices. The lawyers at Brown Law Offices can assist you in evaluating the facts of your case, developing the best defense strategy and providing you with the most aggressive defense possible for your Domestic Violence case.