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Weston Cage Arrested for Domestic Violence Again, Wife Does Not Want to Prosecute

Weston Cage, son of famed actor Nicolas Cage, was arrested for Battery Domestic Violence again last week. This is the second time this month that the younger Cage has been arrested for domestic violence. In the first incident, both Cage and his wife were arrested. In the latest incident, only Cage was arrested. Cage's wife now states that she does not want to press charges. But, that does not necessarily mean that the State will not seek charges.

When the alleged victim of a domestic violence charge changes her story or doesn't want to cooperate, prosecutors refer to her as a "recanting" victim. It is very common for victims of domestic violence to recant, and there are many reasons why they might recant. Sometimes, the alleged victim changes their story because they fear retaliation from the offender or they are financially or emotionally dependent on the perpetrator and fear losing their support.

Other times, the victim exaggerated the original event because they were angry at the defendant or they made up the story entirely to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody matter. In these cases, if the victim changes her story, the prosecutor might think it is a "recanting" victim. But, in fact, the second version of the facts is the real truth. Because victims often change their mind once criminal charges are pending, Prosecutors refuse to dismiss domestic violence charges simply because an alleged victim no longer wants to press charges.

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