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Boy Faces 16 to 60 Years in Teen-On-Teen Sexual Assault Case

Demarco Whitely, a Chicago area teenager, was convicted of sexual assault last week. Whitely and another boy (who died later the same day in a fatal car crash) were accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl to perform oral sex on them and then having forcible oral and anal sex with her. The boys admitted having sex with the girl but claimed the sex was consensual. The girl, who claimed she had never met the boys before that day, denied that she consented. Whitely is due to be sentenced on Nov. 1, 2011. He faces between sixteen (16) and sixty (60) years in prison for the offenses.

In Nevada, the crime of Sexual Assault includes any form of sexual penetration without consent. "Penetration" is defined by statute and includes any intrusion "however slight" into the alleged victim's vaginal or anal openings. It also includes cunnilingus and fellatio without consent.

If convicted, punishments for sexual assault are extremely harsh. A conviction for one count sexual assault can bring a sentence of ten (10) years to life. Each entry is usually charged as a separate count of sexual assault. Therefore, conviction at trial in many sexual assault cases can easily result in the accused being sentenced to the rest of their natural life in prison. Even if the person pleads to a lesser sex offense and is granted probation, they can still be subject to sex offender registration and community notification requirements that can devastate their lives.

If you or someone you know is charged with Sexual Assault or another sex offense, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable and experienced Las Vegas Sex Crimes Defense Attorney right away. The Las Vegas Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer can assist you in analyzing the facts of your case, identifying possible defenses, conducting a thorough investigation of all facts, and providing you with the most aggressive defense strategy possible to protect your reputation as well as your legal rights.