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Venus Williams Victim Of Theft When Her Vehicle Was Stolen Over The Weekend

Tennis star, Venus Williams, was the victim of theft over the weekend when her Fiat 500 was stolen. Officers in Los Angeles spotted the vehicle running a red light and initiated a traffic stop. During the stop the thief admitted to stealing the car from a West L.A. neighborhood. Officers then began to process the driver for possession of a stolen vehicle.

But, before officers could arrest the thief he took off on foot. Reports indicate that cops gave chase and called for backup. They were eventually able to corner the car thief in an alley and apprehend him. Based on these antics he is likely facing theft charges for possession of a stolen vehicle and evading police.

In Nevada, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding an incident like this, the individual could be charged with theft under theories of possession of a stolen vehicle or grand larceny of a vehicle. Both are very serious charges with very serious consequences. Furthermore, the individual in this case seemed to exacerbate his encounter with police by fleeing the scene after he was already apprehended. This act could lead to more charges, more jail time and larger fines. This individual could benefit from having a good criminal defense attorney on his team.

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