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98 People Arrested in Prostitution/Human Trafficking Sting

Law enforcement agencies is Polk County, Florida have arrested 98 people as a result of an undercover prostitution investigation. Those arrested are now facing charges for prostitution, and in some cases, human trafficking.

Authorities report that the investigation targeted websites that were advertising prostitutes for hire. Some of the individuals reportedly involved in the prostitution operation are, allegedly, teen victims of human trafficking. In one case, a fifteen-year-old girl was brought to a rendezvous with an undercover officer, presumably to participate in prostitution related activities. Reports also reveal that a former law enforcement officer was arrested on prostitution related charges after he attempted to convince another officer to take part in the ring.

Some of the individuals recently arrested in Florida are facing charges beyond the scope of prostitution. Reports indicate that charges range from drug possession, child abuse and neglect, to assault and battery. Officers were actively investigating the prostitution ring for some time, but the active investigation lasted only four days, netting the 98 arrests.

Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have been making strides in their fight against human trafficking. Many times young prostitutes are victims of human trafficking and individuals who force them, as juveniles, to take part in the trade.

For young women, and men, who have been introduced to prostitution at a young age as a result of human trafficking it is often difficult to escape the lifestyle. Charges for prostitution are common in Las Vegas, and some consider this a result of a misperception that the act of prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. Those facing prostitution related charges understand all-too-well that repeated interactions with law enforcement not only blemishes their criminal record, but makes transitioning from prostitution into a career an even more, seemingly, unattainable goal.

If you, or someone you know, is facing charges for prostitution and/or solicitation, having experienced legal counsel on your side can help you to navigate the charges and achieve an equitable outcome. In certain situations a charge for prostitution can result in confinement for, up to, six months in jail and fines and fees in excess of $1,000. Oftentimes prostitution and solicitation are charged alongside other criminal infractions, like loitering and trespassing. If this is the case for you, or someone you know, the penalties could be increased dependent on prior criminal history and instances of repeated activity.

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