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Naked Man Shot Trying to Burglarize Home

In Houston, a would-be burglar was shot by the mother of a homeowner and subsequently tased by the police who arrived on scene. At the time he was shot, the robber was revving his engine near the back door of the house. The shooters simply wanted him to stop.

This burglary suspect man was more than likely dealing with a mental health problem or a drug induced state. Burglary and trespassing are serious offenses. But, courts also sometimes recognize the special needs of people suffering from mental illness and/or drug addition. Clark County has numerous "Specialty Courts," which are designed to assist defendants with certain identifiable conditions. Examples of specialty courts include Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Serious Offender/DUI Court, and several others. Many specialty courts have strict requirements for admission, and some require that the participant continue to attend for months or years.

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