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Woman Who Left Baby On Roof Of Car Sentenced In Child Abuse Case

Last year, Catalina Clouser was arrested in Arizona after she allegedly left her five-week-old baby on the roof of her car before driving the vehicle away. Clouser was facing child abuse and DUI charges, to which she pled guilty, and was sentenced by the Maricopa County Superior Court this week.

Reports indicate that Clouser smoked marijuana at a friend's home just prior to the incident. Apparently, the baby who was strapped into a child safety seat, was placed on the roof of her car when Clouser admits that she forgot the child and proceeded to drive the car away. The child was found in an intersection, still strapped into the seat and, reportedly, in good condition. Based on her guilty plea in the case, Clouser admitted to child abuse and misdemeanor DUI. She was sentenced to sixteen (16) years of supervised probation and, if she fails to successfully complete probation, she faces three months in jail.

As most parents will agree, caring for young children requires complete and utter attention to all details. Child abuse charges, such as these, can result from just a moment of complacency. Such complacency is compounded by the use of illegal narcotics, like marijuana. Thankfully, in this situation, the child appears to have recovered and the family is likely to be reunified.

Not all child abuse cases result in such a favorable outcome. Sometimes a lapse in judgment, or even someone's claim that a parent is not properly caring for their child, can result in child abuse allegations that carry serious criminal and social consequences. Every situation is different, and every parent deserves an attorney who will listen to the facts specific to their case and help them to navigate the legal system when it comes to child abuse and neglect allegations.

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