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Johnny Depp Subpoenaed in Homicide Case

A Los Angeles limo driver, Nancy Lekon, was arrested for homicide after she ran over a pedestrian and drug the woman for a mile, causing her death. In a bizarre statement to police, Lekon claimed that she was in a relationship with Johnny Depp at the time of the alleged homicide, and that the two were set to meet for a sexual encounter in the area where the murder occurred.

The public defender for Lekon is now subpoenaing Johnny Depp to testify at the woman's homicide trial in an effort to substantiate her plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. It is presumed that Depp would testify that he does not know Lekon and, certainly, was not in a relationship with her at the time of the alleged homicide.

Though Depp's testimony may be of assistance to Lekon as she seeks to prove that she was not capable of the intent required to commit the homicide due to her insanity, much more will likely be needed to establish an insanity plea. Furthermore, it is unclear whether Depp will respond to the subpoena and whether his testimony will be required in court.

Subpoenas for testimony in criminal cases, like homicide, are often served on individuals that may help substantiate claims of innocence, alibis, or justifications for a defendant. Deciding which witnesses to call at trial is a vital component to a good defense strategy, and one that can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

Furthermore, homicide cases are often laden with confusing facts and circumstances as well as competing legal theories. A claim of insanity may beat a charge of homicide, but may be nearly impossible to prove without a sound defense strategy built to address claims of insanity and a strong set of witnesses who can corroborate such a claim.

Understanding what your legal theories of defense are when charged with a violent crime can enable you to address your charges and identify the individuals necessary to establish your defense. Contacting a skilled attorney to help you navigate the facts and circumstances specific to your case and develop such a strategy is the first step to taking charge of your case and presenting your side.

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