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Rapper Arrested For Domestic Violence

Deongelo Holmes, once famed as a rapper in the duo Ying Yang Twins, was arrested in Georgia following a domestic disturbance between himself and his wife, Porche Holmes. Reports allege that Deongelo struck his wife in the head in late 2013, hitting her so hard he caused a large bump to appear over her eye. Deongelo has been booked on domestic violence charges and simplebattery counts. He has been released on bond and is under court order to stay away from his wife.

Domestic violence it typically charged when an individual uses violence or force against a family member, partner, or a roommate. Individuals facing domestic violence charges could face prison time, loss of certain rights, custody issues, as well as other penalties imposed by the courts. Having a competent criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the legal system is the first step in addressing domestic violence charges.

Violent crimes, like domestic violence, may be charged alongside battery, as appears to be the case for Holmes. Battery charges carry their own penalties and can increase the potential sentence for an individual facing both domestic violence and battery charges.

Arguments between family members can escalate quickly because of their emotionally-charged nature. Sometimes heated arguments can turn into actual or alleged instances of domestic violence. Consulting with an experienced domestic violence attorney will help you to address your charges and develop a sound defense. Contacting the Las Vegas criminal attorneys at Brown Law Offices today will ensure that you are on the right track to defend yourself against the charges you face. Initial consultations are free. Call 24/7 to schedule a time to speak with one of our attorneys. (702) 405-0505.